Shamrock Thick Body Wash
Duke Cannon

Shamrock Thick Body Wash

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From Duke Cannon: "Aye! Nothin' signals the comin' o' spring like a limited edition body wash," said no one ever, but that didn't stop us from launching Shamrock THICK, the latest seasonal home run from Duke Cannon. Initially conceived as a satirical Instagram post in 2020, and spurred on by the three fans who said they "might actually use this," our innovation team spent the last year perfecting the most creamy, deliciously minty, and, to be clear - non-edible - body wash. Like other Shamrock-themed liquids, Shamrock THICK will not be here long, so grab ye a bottle or two b'fore they sell out. 

  • Packed with rich, gaelic lather 
  • THICK has a 3x thicker viscosity and Shamrock THICK is even thicker
  • Wicked minty scent is actually good 
  • 17.5 oz. bottle will last longer than a keg of green beer 
  • Upgrade to a Shamrock Thick Value Meal and save

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